Parenting Teens

Dear Parents,

This is a big day in our ministry.

We are starting our online parenting class in this email. I hope that you will find this experience extremely helpful and informative.

It's all about Leaving a Legacy That Matters. You'll find the link to this month's video below.
In today's class we are going to begin by talking about your will.

Do you have a will? You know, the paper they pull out when you die to see who gets your stuff?

The process of preparing a will is not fun. The lawyer asks you, “If you die who will you give your stuff to?” You say, “Give it to my spouse.” The lawyer quickly responds, “and if your spouse dies who will you give your stuff to?”

This goes on and on until it seems like everyone is dead and you are so frustrated you consider telling the lawyer that they can have it!

When you write a will you figure out how to give away your belongings, but what about the stuff that matters most?

What values are you going to leave your teenager?

What will you teach them about what is right and wrong in this world?

What will your teenager know about faith?

Our student ministry wants to help you leave a rich inheritance to your teenager of the stuff that really matters.

That is why we want to introduce you to the Rites of Passage Experience. We are going to help you have the conversations with your teenager that matter the most.

We are going to give you the tools to infuse faith into the most import moments in life.

Here are the 7 Rites of Passage we are going to encourage you to lead your teenager through:

  • 6th Grade – Preparation for Adolescence
  • 7th Grade – Blessing Ceremony
  • 8th Grade – Purity Weekend
  • 9th Grade – Driving Contract
  • 10th Grade – Money Matters
  • 11th Grade – Family Tree
  • 12th Grade – Manhood/Womanhood Ceremony

Here is this month's video: Rites of Passage Resources
You'll also findall kinds of resources for parents of 6th to 12th graders.

As always please feel free to reply to this email with any questions - about the Rites of Passage Experience, prayer requests, or any other questions or concerns.

We pray this will be a blessing to you and your familly.
Your Partner,

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