Parenting Children

This is a big day for our ministry. We are so excited to offer you two major resources: the online parenting class and the Family Experience.

Each resource contains loads of information to encourage and support you as the spiritual leader of your home. Here's a video about the Family Experience and
 a link to the website filled with all the Family Experience Resources

We know that might be more than enough for you, but we hope you'll also take some time to join us as we start our online parenting class today.

We’re jumping right into a topic that you’ve probably already experienced with your child or know is on the horizon - bullying.

If you stop long enough to think about bullying you probably have horrifying flashbacks to something you’ve experienced. It’s one thing for us as adults to remember those difficult encounters, but another one entirely to think about someone picking on our own kid.

When our child experiences bullying, we’re ready for the gloves to come off because, let’s face it, nobody messes with MY child! We also know fighting our children’s battles doesn’t help them in the long run. They need to experience difficulty, so how do we figure out when to step in and when to let them handle it?

Check out this incredible video that will equip you to begin the dialogue with your child about bullying.

Link to the video:

We’ll follow up next week.

Your partner,