Parenting Pre-Schoolers


This is a big day for our ministry. We are so excited to offer you two major resources: the online parenting class and the Family Experience. 

Each resource contains loads of information to encourage and support you as the spiritual leader of your home. You'll find the links to both resources below.

Being a parent is hard work and sometimes we wonder if we are doing a good job. We hear about other families, other people’s kids and it can be easy for doubt to creep in. Comparing ourselves to others is natural and depending on the situation can either make you feel like parent of the year or a total failure. The last thing you want to hear about when you were up all night with your ten-month-old is how someone else’s two-month-old is sleeping through the night! Or how about running into that mom who is always perfectly put together when you can’t remember the last time you took a shower?

Comparisons can be harmful to our self-esteem and our outlook on how we are managing. It’s easy to fall into this trap.  Before we close the blinds and shut ourselves off from all human contact, we have to realize that we all have good and bad days. No one has completely mastered being a parent!

Take some time and check out this month’s video to see how we can deal with those moments when we feel like we don’t measure up.  Later this month, you will receive some tools to help you when you are playing the comparison game.
Here is the link to the video:

Here's a video about the Family Experience.

And here's the link to the website filled with all the Family Experience Resources.

We pray these will be a tremendous blessing to you and your family.

Your partner,