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The Power of a Symbol - Part 2
July 18, 2018

Last time we talked about the power of symbols. I challenged you to consider how you could use symbols as a tool to help you pass down faith to your teenager. The reason I believe this is an appropriate method is because God used it. In Genesis 9:13-17 God used a rainbow […] [READ MORE]

The Power of a Symbol
July 4, 2018

Today we're talking about symbols. A symbol is an object that has meaning attached to it, but it is also a great tool in the parent’s tool belt. Here are some examples of important symbols you may have in your life that carry important meaning: a wedding ring refrigerator art from when your […] [READ MORE]

Rebel and Repeat - Part 2
June 20, 2018

I would like to begin by handing you a machete. A machete is a long knife used in the jungle to cut through thick brush and create a path. I want to hand you a figurative machete and inspire you to start beating down a path through life for your teenager to follow. There is no greater spiritual […] [READ MORE]

Rebel and Repeat - Part 1
June 6, 2018

Welcome back for another week of our Online Parenting class. Let's begin by visiting your past. One way to dynamically change your home is to have the courage to visit your own teenage experience and consider the ways you would REBEL and REPEAT. Here is a 2 minute and 51 second video […] [READ MORE]

Attitude Check
May 23, 2018

Hey Parents, would you like to see your teenager have a better attitude? As the leaders of the home you get to set the attitude example for your teenager to follow. Philippians 2 displays Jesus’ example of the right attitude. Here are 2 quick take-aways from Philippians 2 that can help change your attitude in your home […] [READ MORE]

Rewind and Flash Forward
May 9, 2018

In the last session of our online parenting class we talked about Reacting vs. Responding when communicating with your teenager. Today, I want to continue with that thought by sharing with you a very practical tip to help you stay calm when your teenager is not calm. It’s called the Rewind and […] [READ MORE]

Reacting vs Responding - Part 2
April 18, 2018

Hi, there! Thanks for checking this out. I hope you are enjoying the bite-sized parenting encouragement. This month we are talking about how to RESPOND to your teenager instead of REACTING to your teenager. Did you do your homework from last time? Have you looked up Proverbs 15:1? This great truth is the first thought […] [READ MORE]

Reacting vs Responding - Part 1
April 4, 2018

What is the difference between Reacting and Responding? If you and I can understand that difference we can build bridges instead of walls in our relationships with teenagers. This month’s online parenting class is focused on helping you as a parent learn some tips to “Respond” to your teenager in a healthy […] [READ MORE]

Passing your Faith on to your Teen
March 21, 2018

Dear Parents, today we are asking the question, “How do you pass down faith to your teenager?” It can seem like a really daunting task. Please remember - doing anything is better than doing nothing. Taking even the smallest step on this path is better than no step. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 gives us […] [READ MORE]

Leaving a Legacy that Matters
March 7, 2018

Dear Parents, This is a big day in our ministry. We are starting our online parenting class in this email. I hope that you will find this experience extremely helpful and informative.It's all about Leaving a Legacy That Matters. You'll find the link to this month's video below.In today's class we are going […] [READ MORE]

March 1, 2018

Hello fellow parents! I am so thrilled Byron United Church is able to offer you something that has been on my heart for a long time.  As your church family we want to deepen our partnership with you as you build faith and Christian character into your kids and youth. That's why […] [READ MORE]

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