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My Child and Technology
July 4, 2018

Whether it was video games at an arcade, Tetris on a Gameboy, music on a Discman, or immersing yourself in episodes of Full House, our childhood exposure to technology was vastly different from that which our children experience today. They are inundated with technology EVERYWHERE they turn. They even have the ability to carry their technology around with them inside their pocket!

Does that mean we just hand them an Ipod, unlimited Netflix and YouTube access, and an unmonitored TV and allow them to handle technology however they deem fit? This month we want to help you as a parent understand the pros and cons of technology and how to manage it in a way that sets your child up for success.

How do we manage screen time such as TV, movies, video games, etc. with our child, and WHY should we put parameters around their use of technology anyway? This month’s video is going to tackle these questions, and more from the home side.

The second blog for this month will include ideas for assuring your child’s safety with technology and mobile devices.

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