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The Power of a Shared Experience - Part 2
August 22, 2018

I hope you enjoyed the last parenting class that talked about the power of a shared experience. In that session you were asked to consider what it would be like if you strategically planned a significant shared experience with your teenager each year.

Today we're walking through seven experiences you can share with your teenager throughout the adolescent journey.

You can find those Shared Experience Resource Materials here. Our goal is to help you create significant shared experiences with your teenager.

6th grade – Preparation for Adolescence – In this shared experience you will spend five 15 to 20 minute appointments discussing with your sixth grader the changes that they are going through physically, mentally, and spiritually. These will typically happen before bed each night for a week.

7th grade – Blessing Ceremony – In this shared experience you communicate to your teenager that they are no longer a child by offering them a biblical blessing. It is a chance for them to recognize that they are growing and changing, and their relationship with you will grow and change as well.

8th grade – Purity Weekend – In this shared experience you will get away with your teenager for a weekend to enjoy a fun getaway. During this time you will also share with them the dreams in your heart in the area of purity. It will be a chance for you to teach them that waiting for marriage is not crazy, but is God’s beautiful plan for them.

9th grade – Driving Contract – In this shared experience you spend an evening with your ninth grader discussing with them the way you are going to handle building and rebuilding trust during the years that they’ll be driving a car. Together you’ll sign a driving contract that will serve as a communication tool to help you in these crucial years to come.

10th grade – Money Matters – This shared experience encourages you to spend an evening with your teenager having a little bit of fun and teaching a really important life skill. By having your teenager guess what is spent in your household budget monthly you’ll get an idea of what they know about how to manage money. You’ll also get a chance to share with them eight biblical principles on how to manage money God’s way.

11th grade – Family Tree – In this shared experience you will allow your teenager the chance to learn their family heritage. They will never know who they’re going to be unless they take some time to learn where they came from.

12 grade – Manhood/Womanhood Ceremony – In this shared experience you will host a grand finale to the parenting journey. It will be your chance to unleash your new adult into the world by blessing them as a grown adult.

I will end our time today by asking you one quick question. Did you get all seven of these shared experiences in a healthy way from your parents when you were a teenager? What an investment it would be to give these experiences to your teenager.

There is power in a shared experience. A shared experience can be a gift you give your teenager that will set them up for a life that is driven by faith.

With blessings,


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