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Sibling Rivalry - Part 2
November 21, 2018

We are talking about sibling rivalry this month and if you missed this month's video you can go to to catch up.

Being loving all the time is hard for anyone, let alone for teens toward their "annoying" siblings! We are dealing with unique individuals with specific ideas who have yet to learn that the idea to which they are holding so tightly could very well be flawed. This reality can come as quite a surprise to your teen. Teenagers react very passionately to perceived injustices.

In Luke 9 Jesus was speaking to His disciples after His transfiguration. It should have been one of the most spiritually encouraging events for His disciples but somehow it ended up as an argument over which of the Twelve was most important to Jesus! Sibling rivalry. All Jesus had to say was, “Whoever is least among you, this one is the greatest.”

Help your teen to let go of the natural tendency to jockey for position or vye for attention by honouring and valuing who they are. Remind them of how God sees them - as His precious child for whom He gave His life.

Never compare your kids to each other. Never show favouritism. Jacob showed so much favouritism to Joseph that his brothers grew to dispise him to the point of wanting to kill him! Support and encourage each child's passions and abilities. Thank and praise God for who and what He created them to be. When you practice truly seeing, appreciating and valuing your teen, they will learn to do the same for their siblings. Our actions will speak much louder than our words.

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