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Dealing with Unsolicited Parenting Advice
July 7, 2020

We’ve already covered the fact that parenting doesn’t have to be a Lone Ranger kind of job—that it’s okay to have a few mentors and reinforcements.

But I’m sure you can recall a few times in your life as a parent when you’ve gotten some unwarranted advice or even scolding in regards to your parenting skills.

Most of this comes from well-meaning sources (your mom, sister, grandma, or an older friend), but it still doesn’t make it easy to take…or right. The video that accompanies this lesson will help you navigate these situations in a Godly and loving manner. It will also remind you of the all-important fact that God chose YOU to be your child’s parents.

He trusts you to do your best to raise up Godly young people to continue the work of his Kingdom here on Earth. Praise God, He doesn't ask us to do this on our own! God walks with us through every moment of every day and we can ask Him to give us the wisdom we need to parent the children He's entrusted to us. He puts people and events in our lives to help lead us closer to Him and His perfect plan for all our lives. So take heart, have courage, and ask God to help you know when to listen and when to smile politely and walk away. This video will also remind you of what a blessing it is to be chosen by God to share His creation with Him.

Thanks for being such a great parent!


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